Jealous Cops Seize Trophy Antlers | UPDATE: Lawsuit Filed

In the Fall of 2020, David Craft, who then lived in Statesville, North Carolina, killed a monster buck in McDowell County, West Virginia, and also killed another trophy buck back in North Carolina, during the same season. David is a serious deer hunter. He does his homework; he puts in the time. He gets result. But others get jealous. Law enforcement ended up essentially stealing his antlers, posing with them for the media, dragging him through over a year of frivolous criminal prosecution, and then abruptly dropping the charging just prior to the jury trial, when it turned out they had no evidence.

You can read the full background in my first post about this case, here.

This week we filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the two primary police officers involved. Here’s the full complaint:

Here’s the original video:

4 thoughts on “Jealous Cops Seize Trophy Antlers | UPDATE: Lawsuit Filed

  1. Fantastic! I do have a question. Why didn’t you include both the WV Wildlife department and their counterparts in North Carolina? Unless I just don’t understand how it works, it seemed the officers were charged individually but their employers were not included.

  2. Qualified immunity has been misused by the police with the blessing and help of the courts since it’s inception . As long as it remains the law is a joke .

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