The tale of two videos: two police excessive force incidents caught on the same camera

I had two separate federal civil rights lawsuits where excessive force incidents were captured on video by the exact same camera. One of them resulted in an epic legal drama, which established law still used today. Continue reading

Sawyer Case Media Reports

There was a nice article on the front page of the Charleston Gazette this morning about the Sawyer Case. Ruling Against Wood Deputy in Assault Stands “Today the citizens of West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia North Carolina and South Carolina have … Continue reading

Judgment as a matter of law was just granted in Sawyer 1983 case

Unfortunately we lost at jury trial.  But we just received an order from the Federal Judge overturning the jury verdict and granting judgment in our favor.  There will be a new trial to determine damages.  Yes! Update: Link to newspaper … Continue reading

Sawyer case going to trial on 1983 excessive force claim

Today we received the Judge’s memorandum opinion and order denying the defendant’s motion for summary judgment, finding that the defendant police officer is not entitled to qualified immunity on our primary claim.  This means that we are going to have … Continue reading

West Virginia Excessive Force Litigation Update: Sawyer Case

We are currently litigating the defendants’ motion for summary judgment in Sawyer v. Asbury, et al.  Our response contains a fairly thorough walkthrough of excessive force law for most types of excessive force claims.  Of course this is tailored to … Continue reading