Man Charged With Shooting Dog 5 Times

From the Charleston Daily Mail:

A man in Boone County was charged with shooting a chocolate lab 5 times with a pistol, allegedly in self defense. The dog’s name is Titan, which is fitting given that he has apparently recovered.

Something that I have learned in the practice of law is that there are evil people out there. Many of those who are evil, or are sociopaths, hate or dislike animals. Likewise, most people who love animals are not evil.

But then again, the guy could have been acting in self defense. But if so, what was he doing already armed with a pistol. Was he looking for trouble? Was he anticipating having to shoot the dog? Certainly he could have a concealed weapon permit, in which case there would be no problem. Or, he could have been on his own property, in which case he can have a gun on him if he so chooses. But I suspect that this was just a bad guy with a propensity towards viciousness towards animals.

People complain about domestic violence in West Virginia, but what about animal abuse… Before I moved to West Virginia, I had never seen people actually swerve to hit an animal crossing the road. The people that do this are the usual suspects: either driving a piece of junk truck with no muffler, or driving a mustang with (you guessed it) Flowmaster exhaust. I’m all for hunting. But there is a difference between hunting and killing, and evil viciousness for that matter.

You can read the full article here.

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Attorney.