We, The People, Do Not Consent! Help us Sue the WV Governor!

We are working to re-open West Virginia and enforce the U.S. Constitution and the West Virginia Constitution. Funds raised will be used towards court costs and legal fees for litigation in state and federal court. They are being organized and overseen by one of the plaintiffs in the state lawsuit, Tabitha Simmons. Specifically, we have incurred court costs, postage costs, filing fees, attorney fees, and other expenses, in pursuit of two lawsuits to date, in both state and federal court. We are planning a broad state court challenge on behalf of the same legislators, a few individuals, and a sample of small businesses who have been greatly affected by the mandates and restrictions. The costs and funds will be transferred to John H. Bryan, Attorney at Law's Trust Account, and held there to cover court costs/out of pocket costs first, and then, if there are funds left over, to compensate the attorneys working on these cases. Expenses and costs will be billed to Tabitha Simmons, as the organizing client. The attorneys involved in handling this matter include John H. Bryan (thecivilrightslawyer.com), and several others have expressed interest in assisting, should adequate funds be secured. We may get more help as well. Thank you!


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