Former NJ Detective Running For Sheriff of Summers County

From today’s Register-Herald:

Former detective seeks Summers County sheriff post

Edward Dolphin is seeking the Republican nomination for sheriff of Summers County.

Dolphin is retired from the Evesham Township (N.J.). Police Department with 25 years of service. During his service, he served as a detective first class, a patrol division supervisor and a motor vehicle accident investigator.

He also created and supervised the juvenile bureau, investigating juvenile crime and working within Evesham Township and Lenape high school districts.

He also worked with the Adopt-A-Cop Program placing officers within the school system.

During his service he received numerous commendations.

Dolphin served in the U.S. Navy and is a Vietnam veteran. He was also a member of U.S. Navy helicopter squadron HS75 from 1980-1982 serving as an air/sea rescue crewman and sonar operator.

He also served as a Military Police sergeant with the N.J. National Guard prior to Desert Storm.

He is a 1980 graduate of Camden County College, Blackwood, N.J., graduating with a degree in law enforcement and administration, Associate in Science degree in criminal justice.

He was also recognized for scholastic achievement by being placed on the permanent Deans list.

He is a current member of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 56.

Dolphin says he believes he is well qualified to perform the duties of sheriff of Summers County.

He wants to provide the citizens of Summers County with experienced quality law enforcement and administration.

He feels the changing demographic situation in Summers County requires an administrator who can maintain the public trust and perform these duties on a professional level.

He is confident he can perform these duties and looks forward to working for the citizens of Summers County.

Dolphin is of the Methodist faith and he and his wife Judi attend church within the Talcott charge of the Summers County Parish. They are both members of The Burlington Center Auxiliary in Beckley.

They enjoy working with the Talcott “After School Program” sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church of Talcott.

Note: Sometimes it is a good idea to place an outsider as Sheriff of a small county, especially one where law enforcement is distrusted. I always feel good about someone with years of professional service in law enforcement being elected Sheriff. A problem that you have in small West Virginia counties is that anyone can run for Sheriff. So, any local with a popular last name could become the person charged with protecting your family from harm. More importantly, if that person has ulterior motives, as many people do, it could lead to a disaster, in terms of corruption and the hijacking of the criminal justice system. Regardless, the people of Summers County have an honest prosecutor in Amy Mann and can take some comfort in her discretion in whether or not to prosecute particular cases. However, the other side of the coin is the Sheriff’s Department. People should think about these issues carefully before placing their votes. – John H. Bryan, West Virginia criminal defense attorney.

4 thoughts on “Former NJ Detective Running For Sheriff of Summers County

  1. Even though I was referred to as an “outsider” I need to clear up a few issues. My wife and her family are native West Virginians and I have owned property here for almost forty years. I choose W.V. Tech after graduating from high school over several other schools.My Uncle, John Dolphin was an officer with the Wood County Sheriffs Dept..I have loved this state and its people for my entire life.I choose to live here and feel this has always been my true home.Please don’t put a carpetbagger tag on me. I only want give back something to the people and the state that I truly care for.

  2. I have known Ed Dolphin for ten years or more. I have especially noticed how hard he works. When he sets into a job, no matter what, he pours his heart and soul into it. I feel he is the right man, in the right place and at the right time to become the next sheriff of our fine county. I would also agree that we have a capable and efficient prosecutor in Amy Mann.

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