Patricia Brown Sentenced to 40 Years

Yesterday, Patricia Brown was sentenced to 40 years, which is the maximum sentence for 2nd degree murder. Following a jury trial, she was acquitted of first degree murder. At the hearing, two members of the victim’s family spoke. Then Patricia briefly spoke on her own behalf, still proclaiming her innocence.

Usually, when the family of the victim speaks at the sentencing, and when the defendant still proclaims her innocence, a greater sentence will be imposed than in your run-of-the-mill sentencing hearing. In this case, myself and Tom White, as her defense attorneys, were fully prepared for her to receive the maximum sentence.

However, 40 years is much better than life without mercy. In her case, she will come up for parole in 10 years – actually 9 years since she has already spent one year in jail. – John H. Bryan, West Virginia criminal defense attorney.

1 thought on “Patricia Brown Sentenced to 40 Years

  1. I knew the Parker family for many years and they always tried to help someone in need . After Mr. Joe Parker passed away Ruby probably still tried to help people that needed help by letting them stay at her home if they were homeless. Ruby was not a loud argumentative person. Ruby hated alcohol and drugs and this mean sociopath that stabbed her should have got the death penalty. I do not understand how a 10 inch knife going into a 71 year old woman is 2nd degree. This was 1st degree murder and the court system should be held to higher standards to do a better job. Ruby never harmed anyone and i hope someone in prison does to creep Brown what she done to Ruby as Brown was not woman enough to ask for forgiveness from Ruby’s 3 daughters and granddaughters. i know the girls have heavy hearts and i hope they can somehow find peace.

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