Cop Retaliates Against DUI Lawyer’s Wife

A colleague forwarded this article to me about a cop in Arizona who pulled over and arrested a woman for DUI even though she had a 0.00 BAC. Why would he have done that? Apparently her husband is a DUI lawyer in Arizona who had recently won a high-profile DUI trial. Guess who was the arresting officer for that DUI? That’s right, it was the same cop who arrested the DUI lawyer’s wife.

This disgusting excuse for a law enforcement officer’s name is Bond Gonzalez.

You can read the full article here.

This is something that I continuously worry about. One day I am haranguing a cop on the stand and figuratively chasing them around the courtroom beating them with a stick, and the next day I am peering in my rear view mirror waiting to be pulled over – or worse.

In reality though, most cops have been very good to me outside the courtroom. In fact, I usually make it a policy to apologize to cops I cross-examine after the hearing takes place, and most of them tell me that they don’t mind at all and that they would want me to do the same for them if they were charged with a crime. A few cops have even called afterwards to talk about their own legal matters.

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