Police Chief Has Wife Arrested By Buddy Law Enforcement Officer

This is a story that I will detail in a later post if need be, but it rises to the situation where the public should be informed of this massive abuse of authority.

A southern West Virginia Chief of Police, who is a big guy and also a military veteran, had his little wife arrested by a buddy law enforcement officer for “domestic assault,” taken into physical custody, after which she was able to bond out with a $5,000 cash bond. For those of you who don’t know, $5,000 is the average bond for felonies in southern West Virginia.

This police chief then filed for divorce and refused to drop the frivolous criminal charge against her unless she agreed to his terms for the divorce. This story is continuing and may be updated based on future actions taken by the law enforcement officer.

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Attorney.

2 thoughts on “Police Chief Has Wife Arrested By Buddy Law Enforcement Officer

  1. Or, Mr Bryan Attorney at law. Could your opion be based off the fact that you represent this woman? If thats the case that would most deffinatley forge your opion in her favor. that would render you incompetent to see that these day women know that lying to the authorities gets them further especially when they have a entire lifestyle to gain from that twisted little lie. So i can verry much see the police chiefs side especially when one sex is made to obey the law with zero tollerance no liency conduct.

  2. David, I think the point is that certain law enforcement officers are the ones who act as if they are above the law. Certainly my opinion is in fact based on my point of view. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even know about it.

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