Caylee Anthony case: perfect example of cops attacking suspects’ families to pressure suspect

As awful as the Caylee Anthony case has turned out to be, and as despicable as Casey Anthony has shown herself to be, Orlando investigators have shown themselves to be unworthy of the motto “to serve and protect.” A couple of problems I have noticed.

First, the event that they staged when they rearrested her, allowing protestors and media to gather outside the families home, when her attorney had already offered to bring her in, was downright malicious. These cops wanted to be on prime time TV doing the “perp walk” with her. They are also apparently enjoying the media pressure that is being put on the family.

Now I could care less about what happens to Casey Anthony, because I am not her attorney and I believe she is guilty of something which led to the death of her child. But the rest of the family – at least her parents – are guilty of nothing. Their lives have been turned upside down. Could you imagine how horrible this must all be for them?

Secondly, these Orlando authorities are allowing protestors to stand on the sidewalk outside the Anthony house – and outside their neighbors’ homes – day and night. These protestors have shown themselves to be violent and disruptive. They are harassing and attacking her family, as well as the neighbors. These cops are maliciously allowing these protestors, and the media, to abuse her family. The purpose is clear: they want to put pressure on Casey Anthony to confess to everything she knows. Putting pressure on her is fine. But allowing her innocent family members to be attacked and abused is wrong. This reminds me of the tactics used by investigators that were exhibited in Gerry Spence’s “Smoking Gun,” where investigators charged the suspects’ young son with the murder that his mother was also charged with – the goal being to pressure the mother to relent and confess to save her son.

Not only are these Orlando cops abusing the family, but they are allowing the entire neighborhood to be abused. What possible justification is there for allowing disruptive protestors to remain in a residential subdivision? Is it not their job to keep the peace? Is it not their job to protect Caylee Anthony’s grandparents from wild-eyed, crazed protestors screaming at them and trying to pick fights with them? Does anyone deserve to suffer through this in their own driveway?

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Attorney.

3 thoughts on “Caylee Anthony case: perfect example of cops attacking suspects’ families to pressure suspect

  1. I think a better question is under what law could the people who are not on the Anthony’s property be removed, and what are their rights to congregate and protest on public property ? Should the Anthony’s be taking out warrent’s on those folks who are violating their rights ?

    Secondly, what are the grandparents obligations to co-operate with the investigation and reveal truthfully what they know (assuming it does not violate their own rights to avoid self incrimination) ?

  2. Since when do the cops need a law? They arrest people all the time for things like “obstruction”, i.e., “contempt of cop” without naming any specific law that is being violated. Even so, I’m sure there is a law against harassing/stalking people in Florida.

    Do we really consider a sidewalk/street/driveway in a residential subdivision to be “public property”? People have a right to walk down them. But could they set up a tent and camp out on them? Roast marshmallows? What about in the street? Could you have a bonfire in the street and stop traffic?

  3. Not real sympathetic to the family. They remind me of the cockroaches that scuttle around wildly once you quickly turn the lights on them.

    What I am concerned about is the investigation, and the lack of movement. I understand the police did not want to search the garbage that self-appointed Columbo (not said disparagingly) took. That does not bode very well for a conviction or even an indictment.

    So we have another celebrity murderess who writes books, does the talk show circuit and gets her own reality show, while her three year old rots anonymously.


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