Police Liability Seminar CLE

In a few weeks, I will be partially presenting a police liability seminar CLE in Charleston, WV.  This will be the second year in a row I have done this.  Last year was successful.  There were a lot of highly-respected attorneys there, many of whom were defense lawyers representing the state, counties, and cities, and many were plaintiffs attorneys.  A lot of good information was exchanged.  For better or worse.

Here is a link to the brochure, with all of the relevant info.


Perhaps, the most advantageous lesson to be learned is immunity law and procedure as it applies to other types of governmental liability cases (for those who have not yet taken on one of these cases).  Because it is mostly applicable in any type of case where you are suing the state, county, or city.  And other types of cases are generally more profitable to a plaintiff than one in which you have a police officer or department as a defendant.

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  1. You may or may not know this, but a federal criminal complaint was filed against the Gilmer County Prosecutor and a state witness and accepted by an AUSA — and the criminal complaint brings forth evidence via digital audio tape – that a fraudulent appraisal was brought forth twice as evidence to a grand jury twice — and that the state witness and Hough knowingly brought forth a false value in what turned out to be a bad faith prosecution that lingered in West Virginia Supreme Court for two years after two years in circuit court.

    West Virginia knowingly brought forth false facts in WV Supreme Court — as it was found out by the secret tape submitted as evidence.

    It is a case of classic overcharging of a felony complaint when the matter was certainly a time-barred misdemeanor all along.

    The case was brought three years after an alleged crime that was actually no crime at all — and merely a civil matter.

    Another CREATED CRIME by Gerry Hough that cost the defendant 50,000 in attorney fee’s loss of career- loss of business — and to add insult to injury the ignorant Probation officer accused the defendant of having two illegitimate children with an underage teen-age girl and it was all made up out of thin air. A complete fabrication, by the probation department in Gilmer County — and two other false felony charges went along with the time barred misdemeanor which lead to a conviction of a matter the defendant was never charged with originally because of the lesser included offense and the Boyd rule being written by Maynard who was not re-elected soon after the case was heard.

    Boyd rule states that:

    Statute of limitations had to be waived because the jury was instructed, but at NO TIME was the defendant ever informed that he was waving ANY statute of limitations.

    The defense counsel on this case was a complete idiot and very uneducated about the matters of concern.

    The entire case was all a set-up by a bunch of backwoods hillbillies from Gilmer County.

    If the federal criminal complaint is brought forward, civil action will be sought against HOUGH and Gilmer County -also the state of West Virginia in US District Court.

    Will Hough lose his immunity if convicted of federal criminal complaint now being reviewed by an Asst U.S. Attorney?

  2. John, if you have the time…

    I wrote to you, but you didn’t write back, and getting you on the phone is a pretty big laugh, but we did talk to your receptionist and she was nice. She asked if we read your blog, and we didn’t have the heart to tell her,we were from the CalPatty Press.

    Will Hough lose his immunity if convicted of federal criminal complaint now being reviewed by an Asst U.S. Attorney?

    That was what we were told, and now a 4 count civil action is being drafted for US District Court accusing several public official in Gilmer County of wrongdoing with malice that cost a career and six figures in expenses, and loss of job — for no other reason than they were doing some “Home Cookin” in the court down in Gilmer County.

    Maybe you should explain to your readers exactly what HOME COOKIN is, since I am sure you deal with it on a daily basis.

    Home Cooked justice down in Gilmer County! If they can’t beat you in court, they will lie and ruin your life!

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