Recent settlements in WV police misconduct cases

Just to give an update, we have recently settled several police misconduct / civil rights cases. However, the insurance companies, and defendants, have started including confidentiality, or quasi-confidentiality provisions in them. So. . . . I can’t really comment. I really do work on them to completion. They’re not just dying on the vine.

I’ve recently been contacted about some cases with some appalling accusations of police misconduct, and I’m excited (if that’s the right word) to prosecute them. I still have time for another [good] case or two to work on this year if anyone wants to bring them to me. I also am still accepting co-counseling arrangements with other lawyers who think they have a client with a case.

2 thoughts on “Recent settlements in WV police misconduct cases

  1. I didn’t know if you were permitted to say it, John, but despite any confidentiality clause, a person can obtain the terms of the settlement in a lawsuit involving a government agency via a Freedom of Information Act request. If they refuse or ignore your request, then contact me. I’ve been very successful in persuading government agencies at all levels to comply with FOIA requests.

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