Putnam County Creepy Task Force Search Video

Just in case you haven’t seen this making the rounds yet, I uploaded this to Youtube. It’s too big for this site, and I’m done hosting videos directly to Facebook, because they censor everything these days.  The video is pretty self-explanatory.  We will be filing a federal lawsuit.  If you know something, or you have a video of your own, or a similar incident, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “Putnam County Creepy Task Force Search Video

  1. The entire judicial system in Putnam county is nothing but corruption period. The deputies of special enforcement lie cheat and steal. Also judges and prosecuting attorneys right in there with them. Their demeanor is unethical, using fowl language and their disgusting attire is an embarrassment of this state. They should be locked up. They also are known to ” plant” drugs on people to set them up for arrests, and to think that people’s hard earned money to.pay the taxes for their pay checks is discusting.

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