Freedom of Speech on social media: getting fired and First Amendment Retaliation

A Maryland state employee was just fired for political opinions he privately posted on Facebook. Freedom of Speech is a vital part of our Republic; so important that our Founding Fathers put it right no. 1 in the Bill of Rights – in the First Amendment. The right to express your opinions on political issues of the day, without the government punishing us for doing so. However, this is exactly what’s been happening on social media, as illustrated by the case of Arthur “Mac” Love, a former state employee in Maryland, who was just fired for posting political opinions and political memes on and from his private Facebook page.

Some intolerant left-leaning politicians in Maryland decided that opposing, or conservative, points of view could not be expressed by a state employee, and pressured the Governor of Maryland to fire this man, which he abruptly did, apologizing for having an employee who expressed speech that many would deem unpopular or controversial.

However, Americans have a right to freedom of speech, do they not? If they suffer retaliation for their free speech expressions, even on social media, that’s called First Amendment Retaliation, and is a civil rights violation, just as being unnecessarily beaten or shot by the police is, and justice can be sought through a civil lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. 1983.

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