Texas’ Files Suit at the SCOTUS

Today the Attorney General of Texas announced the filing of an original jurisdiction filing before the United States Supreme Court, seeking to essentially decertify the popular election results in several key states. Here’s the full text of Texas’ Lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin before the SCOTUS. The main arguments come down to the main thing I’ve been harping on for months – separation of powers:

  1. The Defendant States violated the Electors Clause (of the US Constitution) by modifying their legislatures’ election laws through non-legislative action.
  2. State and local administrator’s systematic failure to follow State election qualifies as an unlawful amendment of State law.
  3. Defendant States’ administration of the 2020 election violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

1 thought on “Texas’ Files Suit at the SCOTUS

  1. Thank you for that Youtube channel! I have been studying civil law for a long time and for fun now. So far I am on my 921 email to the Whitehouse I write letters telling my government to get smaller immidiately. I also tell them all the time that they are a bunch of criminals and point out exactly the road to the solution. If one complains yet has a solution its called doing polotics.

    The solution predominantly is to reverse these frauds promulgated on our people these fake laws that have been created to “save us”. I’m on to these sons of bitches like white on rice. Gavin Newsome, Cuomo, the WV governor now!!!!

    I do like Trump also the Tennessee governor is cool. I have corespondance with Marsha Blackburn her policy sometimes I follow. Hmmm Im not really sure on Texas now it seems a bit like Ca 2.0 here now. Its borderline imho. I basically research government criminals and send emails to authorities responsible to help. If we can just connect and communicate together we can really shut down these sons of bitches really quick. Thats the problem even with an internet how do we connect and galvanise everyone?

    Thanks again for that channel have a fantastic day!!!

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