Prosecutor Attacks Me Over Video

Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney, Anthony Ciliberti, issued a formal press release today about me. This was in response to two recent Youtube videos I published about the police officer overdose hoax case that happened in Oak Hill, West Virginia. This was the case where two police officers claimed that a guy they were arresting threw drugs at them, causing them to OD, only to be saved by Narcan. As it turns out, there was no OD, so the attempted murder charges had to be dropped. I exposed the truth, as well as the video footage. And the prosecutor was not happy about people knowing the truth.

Here’s his press release:

Here’s just one of the original media reports from about a year earlier:

Here’s the allegations from the criminal charges:

Here’s the bystander video footage of the incident, showing what actually happened. Note that the female officer accidentally tases the male officer just before he starts to suffer whatever symptoms he is suffering:

Here’s my update video on the criminal charges being dropped:

Here’s my update video showing the officers’ bodycam footage: