1,200 Hits This Month!

Thank you for your readership of this Blog, which has already hit over 1,200 just this month. Please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feeds and to comment on specific posts. If you would like to communicate with me directly, you can email me at jhb@johnbryanlaw.com, or by phone, at 1-888-54-JBLAW. Thanks again for your support. – John H. Bryan, Attorney at Law.

1 thought on “1,200 Hits This Month!

  1. Have you ever tried to report an incident by phone,you get taken to the extreme,what’s your name,do you have witnesses,where did this happen, are you willing to press charges and several other questions before any dispatch,by then the deal is over,personal injury,lives taken or who knows what.Remember it is better to have a Gun in the Hand than a Cop on the Phone.Plain and simple one should be able to protect his home and family without recourse…

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