Homeless Vet Brutally Beaten by Colorado Springs Police

On October 9, 2022 around 2:30 a.m. Dalvin Gadson, a homeless veteran, living in his car temporarily, was stoped by officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Sand Creek Division, for not having a license plate on his vehicle. Dalvin was a former helicopter mechanic in the Army National Guard. He apparently had no prior criminal history.

He had been homeless for about 3 to 4 months, living in his car and delivering Door Dash to save enough money for an apartment. While sleeping in his car, a stranger named Carlos knocked on his car window, woke him up, and asked him to drive him to his job. He offered to pay him $20.00 for the ride. He needed the money, so he agreed. Then he was pulled over by the police. Remember as you watch this: the reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct forming the basis for the stop was a license plate violation.

This is how the traffic stop ended:

This is apparently the happy officer who beat him, showing off his injuries for the purpose of trumping up bogus criminal charges:

Here’s the raw footage:

Facebook version: https://fb.watch/hr4f5205A7/

Here’s his GoFundMe:


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  1. F*****n c**ksucker cop. Bunch of vets oughta’ get together, find him alone and return the favor. This is getting ridiculous, need to form a vigilante and just start wailin’ the hell out of these rogue, corrupt MFers.

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