West Virginia State Police Lawsuit

Here is a copy of a lawsuit which was filed friday against the West Virginia State Police, this time on behalf of a law enforcement officer.  Of course everything is my fault as the attorney.  Damn scumbug lawyers….  There was an interesting article in the Charleston Gazette this past Sunday on all the problems they are having at the WVSP.  Out of one mouth they are saying that they pretty much only settle cases for “financial” reasons.  Then out of the other side of their mouth they are bragging that they haven’t had to pay out anything to the plaintiffs who sued them in Logan County, even though they have spent almost one hundred grand in legal fees fighting them.  If you are settling for financial reasons, then why didn’t you settle the Logan County cases before spending six figures defending them?  We are reaching a crisis point in West Virginia with respect to our law enforcement.  We have rampant allegations of misconduct, and the leadership actively suppresses it and stays “mum” towards the public.  In the rare situation where they agree there has been misconduct, they allow the officer to resign and go elsewhere to some other unsuspecting community.  We taxpayers and citizens are told nothing.  They should proudly weed out the bad apples among their ranks.  The fact that they don’t makes us mistrust them.  Lawyers don’t want bad lawyers around.  Doctors don’t want bad doctors around.  Airline pilots don’t want bad airline pilots around.  You only find this phenomonen of absolute non-accountability and “professional courtesy” in the realm of government employees – most notably in law enforcement.  Then they blame the lawyers.  If there were no lawyers with the courage to take on law enforcement, then people would really be helpless.  I bet they would like to get rid of us.  Tort reform?  Their officers already have dozens of different kinds of immunity, which you can only get past with legitimate allegations and convincing proof.  What else do they want?  Maybe they should admit they have a problem, then they could take the next step of solving it.

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  1. People in the know realize they can not rely on the State Police to do anything but be a problem. The common citizen can file complaints for YEARS, and nothing appears to happen. But just let one officer turncoat and start spilling the beans about other officers and see how fast he gets transferred out of county.

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