WVSP feeling the heat, and deservedly so.

The latest of Charleston Gazette reporter Gary Harki’s article critical of the WVSP is, to me anyways, an absolute bombshell – though not surprising in the least.  Usually in the media you find brown-nosed reporting with regards to law enforcement, usually which talks about all the criminals who were arrested and/or charged.  Harki has had the gusto to take on the West Virginia State Police in a big way.

The article deals with former-Trooper-now-Hinton-Police-Chief-Snavely, who I have discussed before.  I wasn’t surprised when I found out that prosecutors were not charging Snavely with a crime.  But I was surprised to see Harki’s article titled, “prosecutor not told ex-trooper falsified log“.  Apparently the WVSP “investigation” into Snavely uncovered the fact that Snavely falsified his duty log for the evening when he was accused of his wrongdoing.  However, they apparently chose to leave that tidbit out of the investigation report which went to the prosecutor.  So Harki finds out about this from attorney Mike Clifford.  Harki then goes to the prosecutor who made the call.  And he is apparently pissed, and rightfully so – since it was published as being his decision not to prosecute Snavely.  And of course, as usual, the WVSP is angry at the attorney – at Clifford!  It was his fault – he shouldn’t have told Harki.

We have a culture of secrecy in the WVSP.  Even though for the most part they are good and law abiding officers, the top brass have have made some decisions which undermine the public’s trust and confidence in their integrity.  If you have a public official who has done something wrong, the public needs to know about it, and the public wants to know about it.  If covered up, the public gets pissed.  And the coverup is always worse than the crime.  If they would just throw the bad officers under the bus where they belong, from the very beginning, the WVSP would come out smelling like a rose.  It would reinforce our confidence in law enforcement.

Instead we have the awful situation where an innocent citizen can have his civil rights violated by some cowboy cop, and there’s nothing the person can do about it.  What can they do?  Call the police?  Yeah right.  Call the West Virginia State Police?  Yeah right.  Call the Governor?  You just get a form letter in return.  Call your congressman?  You just get a form letter.  Call the FBI?  Do you have any idea how many complaints they probably get?  Without something more to lend legitimacy to your complaint, there is about a 99% chance they will do nothing about it.  The only thing you can do is get a civil lawyer on your side.  Someone who has the guts to sue the WVSP, and to put up with the WVSP verbally accosting them in every newspaper article rather than commenting on their troopers’ misconduct.

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