Mayors of decaying cities are liberal, know-it-all, hypocrites

There was an article in the Charleston Gazette, a few days ago, “Lawsuit challenges W.Va. city gun laws” which explained that “a pro-gun lobbying group” filed a lawsuit (or lawsuits rather?) to overturn gun control laws in four West Virginia “cities”: Charleston, South Charleston, Dunbar and Martinsburg.  The lawsuit was filed by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League and challenges Charleston’s limits on the number of handguns a person can buy in a month, as well as the city’s prohibition on possessing firearms on city property, such as in city parking garages.

Charleston, WV Mayor, Danny Jones, was quoted in the story:

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones promised to fight the lawsuit.

. . .

Jones noted the lawsuit was filed in the Charleston federal courthouse where firearms are prohibited.

“All we want is what they have. We want to be able to control our own property,” Jones said. “I don’t know how far these people want to go.”

Jones is one of these know-it-all hypocrite slum lords, who has a police force to protect him, and who denies his subjects, or anyone else venturing into his slum-dom, who are actually law abiding citizens, from possessing legally owned and carried concealed weapons.  So if you go into a city-owned parking garage in Charleston, WV, by law you are not allowed to have the ability to protect yourself.  Of course in a decaying city full of drug addicts, who would need a gun to protect themselves in a darkly-lit parking garage?  Jones doesn’t trust us law abiding citizens to abide by the law.

Interestingly, there was an article in the Charleston Gazette today, that Mayor Danny Jones’ son was arrested for possession of heroin within the slum-dom.  This was the statement from Jones’ “mayoral assistant”:

Mayor Jones had no comment about his son’s arrest. Rob Blackstone, mayoral assistant, said, “It is what it is. He’s 21 years old.”

There you have it.  Law abiding gun owners just need to stay out of Charleston.  Because we all know there is nothing stopping the criminals and drug addicts from obtaining and possessing guns on “city property”.  Probably the first place they go to rob somebody will be the city parking garages.

I don’t think these mayors are stupid.  They don’t actually believe that their gun control laws will protect people.  They have a liberal and/or ignorant majority of voters, who have an ideological hatred towards guns and law-abiding gun owners, whom they see as right-wing fanatics.  This fits their agenda.  Moreover, the more freedom they take away from their subjects, the more power they gain.  Their subjects are made to depend on their protection.

Maybe Danny Jones should worry about the crime/slum/drug problem in his city, instead of wasting taxpayer money promising to fight lawsuits and trying to “control [taxpayer] property”.  He obviously has no control, including over his own son.

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