Family Court Judge Searches Home

I just uploaded this yesterday afternoon and it’s already over 12k views on Youtube. Probably because most people can relate with having been before a Family Court judge before, whereas they may not be able to automatically relate to someone involved in the criminal justice process.

This is video footage from our client, Matt Gibson, a federal law enforcement officer who had his home searched by a Family Court judge over a year after his divorce was finalized.  This just happened on March 4, 2020. I’ve never seen anything like this before, so needless to say, I’m still researching the mountain of issues here.


This isn’t the first viral video showing a West Virginia Family Court judge on a rampage.  Remember Chip Watkins in good ‘ole Putnam County? Man that guy was something else.


The Family Court involved in our video is Raleigh County, West Virginia, Judge Louise Goldston. If you know of this happening in other cases, please let me know as I continue to look into this.

UPDATE 3/11/20: Voicemail received by my client from the opposing attorney the evening prior to the hearing, which he himself scheduled. In the recording he says that the Court asked him to call him to convey a settlement offer (which sounds like he’s admitting to an ex parte communication with the judge, meaning without the other party having the opportunity to participate, which is a big no-no) and he demands $5,000.00 to stop the “hearing” which would take place the next day:

UPDATE 3/13/20: TV news segment:


6 thoughts on “Family Court Judge Searches Home

  1. I’m battling with the same judge in court… I’m still paying child support on my 22 year old son and 19 year old daughter… been in court over this for a year and 5 months.. she won’t readjust my child support… strong rumor has it the she is VERY fond of my ex wife’s lawyer…

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  4. Between the judge and that Attourny that left the email I think some shady shit is going on. I would’ve probably went to jail that day!! That way my lawsuit would be that much better!! I’m not a lawyer and I know what that BITCH did was dead WRONG!!!

  5. Why is this not being charged with B&E like you or I would if we go into someones home and take stuff is that not stealing?

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