Florida sues Biden Administration over mandate for federal contractors

The Biden Administration executive order mandate states that all federal contractors must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8. The administration also mandated that all businesses with more than 100 employees mandate COVID-19 vaccinations. Now the State of Florida has sued the Administration in federal court to invalidate the mandate’s application to the numerous federal contractors in the State of Florida. West Virginia can, and should, file a similar lawsuit. I’m told that this is in the works.

The lawsuit challenges the procedural manner in which the mandate was issued, and also asserts several different constitutional violations, including separation of powers, since the mandate didn’t issue from Congress. Here’s the full lawsuit:

2 thoughts on “Florida sues Biden Administration over mandate for federal contractors

  1. So how do we go about doing the same. I am a RN at CAMC and my significant other works as an electrician at Bellville, Locks and Dams which is Federal. Most of their employees are refusing the vaccine. I can pass information to them if you can let us know how we go about doing this.


    Jennifer Wise

    • This was filed by the “State of FL” so to do the same the WV AG needs to file suit, which I believe and hope is in the works. However, this still would not affect actual federal employees, but private employees who are federal contractors. CAMC isn’t claiming to be following a federal mandate, but rather has their own private mandate. So the best option for them is to apply for exemptions and try to make it to the effective date of the state legislation recently passed, which is sometime in January, I believe.

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