Is There No Right to Remain Silent About Donuts?

This footage comes to us from Lake City, Florida, where a couple of guys were apparently doing some donuts in a fairly-new-looking Corvette, ending in the car catching on fire. The fire department arrived, as well as the police. Bodycam footage shows the conversation that ensued between the investigating officer and the driver of the burned car. Was the driver required to provide a statement for the officer’s report?

Here’s the police report.

Original footage, thanks to Bodycam Files Youtube channel.

3 thoughts on “Is There No Right to Remain Silent About Donuts?

  1. This was a clear case of retaliation for contempt of cop. The cop immediately reacts by arresting him when the man says he doesn’t want to make a statement.

  2. What is the law about doing burn outs on private property? Is it considered public if the public has access to the property? Thanks

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