Cop Suspended For This First Amendment Audit Video

This is newly-released body cam footage showing police officers in New London, Connecticut confronting  First Amendment auditors in their department parking lot. It ultimately resulted in the police officer being suspended. You see a lot of these – but not necessarily a lot of them that result in police officer discipline and policy change. This is one of those rare ones.

Daniel Kokoszka, who as I understand it runs a Youtube channel called The Constitution State, began filming at the New London Police Department on August 20, 2022. They were located in the department parking lot, which is a public location. Thus they were located in a public place where they were legally allowed to be, filming only things that they could readily observe with their eyes. Shortly afterwards, the auditors encountered Lt. Joshua Bergeson. He would end up receiving an 8 day suspension and mandated retraining after the video footage was posted to Youtube. 

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