Man Flees Illegal Stop and Wins in Court

Kary Jarvis was pulled over for a traffic violation in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was issued a warning ticket. But instead of then being allowed to leave, police officers asked to search his vehicle. When he said no, asserting his constitutional right to say no, instead of allowing him to leave (which he was entitled to do) they illegally detained him. He then fled the stop, dragging the officers, who were hanging onto his vehicle. He ended up being charged with multiple felonies.

The judge in the criminal case later enforced the Constitution, finding that everything that happened after the warning ticket being issued, was an illegal detention. Unfortunately, he spent a year in jail prior to that happening. He’s now suing.

Here’s the court order:

Here’s the police report:

2 thoughts on “Man Flees Illegal Stop and Wins in Court

  1. Thank the Judge for this. We need more like him.Cops will learn the hard way to follow the law with lessons like this and a lawsuit.

  2. That’s some police force. Obviously they don’t get discounts at the local gym!!! Has the price of fish risen much yet??? LOL

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