A Bus Driver’s Nightmare | It Could Happen to Anyone

If you think that being falsely arrested can’t happen to you, then you have to watch this video. This video shows my client being arrested for DUI even though she was stone cold sober. This can, and does, happen to innocent people across the country. Here you will see an egregious example of this happening, as it plays out in real time on the officer’s bodycam.

My client, Yolanda Elliott, was a bus driver for the City of Bluefield, West Virginia. Mrs. Elliott is a completely innocent, hardworking good person. She was a bus driver for the actual city that ended up arresting her. She had then, and still has, a CDL license to drive large buses and trucks. Little did she know that when she showed up for work that day, on October 28, 2022, she would be pulled over while driving a city bus, accused of running a red light, and then pulled out of her bus and forced to perform a bunch of circus tricks, while the passenger of her bus watched.

Here’s the “Scary Sign Arrest” video, also from Bluefield, WV Police Department.

2 thoughts on “A Bus Driver’s Nightmare | It Could Happen to Anyone

  1. This is infuriating. Cops have nothing better to do than try to ruin someone’s life who was obviously not impaired. I wonder how many drunk off duty cops in this town have been let go with no charges because they flashed the badge. I also wonder if this PD gets additional federal or state funding for DUI arrests. In similar videos where people were not intoxicated and blood showed no alcohol or drugs, but they were arrested anyway, it turns out the cops/s were getting paid to bust people for DUI, and as a result, cops manufactured DUI cases. She passed the field sobriety test with flying colors for someone her age. I’m 68 and have arthritis, and could not perform those tests any better than she could.

  2. She could sue for lost wages. If we would have known her rights she should have said I don’t consent to searches or seizures. I think that’s the wrong kind of seizures. You understand. What else. Anything?

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