Federal lawsuit filed against Parkersburg Police officers caught on video setting up a false arrest

Recently we filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in federal court, alleging that Parkersburg, West Virginia police officers were caught on video setting up the false arrest of a man for allegedly committing battery on a police officer. Fortunately there was surveillance footage, which was shown at the man’s jury trial, resulting in his acquittal. Warrantless arrests require the existence of probable cause. If no probable cause exists, for instance in the event that the arresting officers themselves create the alleged nonexistent crime, the Fourth Amendment is violated. “False arrest” is basically a type of unreasonable search and seizure.

Here’s the complaint, and the video will follow shortly:

4 thoughts on “Federal lawsuit filed against Parkersburg Police officers caught on video setting up a false arrest

  1. Hey I love the law and our constitution! I’m an accountant and was almost a causality opiates! College scholarships and I was under there control. Our system is fucked and we need to start over. I called the police when I was hooked because I wanted to help ppl like me. I wanted to change but needed help, well they didn’t. For being honest they knew it was a matter of time before I fucked up and they exploited that. I reached out to help them and ppl like me but they seen me week and made there Career off my weaknesses. If I never called a friend or thought he was Mr. Hoffman I would have never been used by Springfield Police Hoffman from Riverton and played soccer for UIS of Springfield Illinois. Soon as they knew I Had a problem they exploited me to get them bust when I reach out to them 1st.

  2. I am the mother of Jaleayah Davis and NOTHING surprises me from law enforcement in Wood County, (specifically the sheriffs department) absolutely nothing.

  3. This is a great post John Bryant. Atleast this must have made Mr. Board famous because the city council and mayor voted him in this week as chief of police for Parkersburg wv didn’t see that one coming. All the best I’ve been fighting them in federal court for four years now. And the judge just ignores my motions. Curruption is deep deep here my friend. Good luck on the case tho

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