Brooke County Man Arrested in his Yard for Cursing – Lawsuit Incoming

Brooke County, West Virginia Sheriff’s Department deputies were called out to a neighbor’s complaint about dogs getting out of their yard. When they approached and talked to the dog’s owner, on private property, they were asked to leave. Some swear words were utilized by the dog’s owner. The cops then protect and serve the man, as shown and described in the video.

The body cam footage features Brooke County Deputy Niles Cline (not Crane, lol). The other deputy, Shane Logston’s body cam footage didn’t survive, because the “battery was dead.” The criminal charges were dismissed with prejudice through the assistance of Attorney Alex Risovich, who in turn brought the case to me. We will now seek justice through a civil lawsuit in federal court, for the violation of this man’s federally protected civil rights pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1983.

Lackluster’s video on the same incident:

2 thoughts on “Brooke County Man Arrested in his Yard for Cursing – Lawsuit Incoming

  1. We must demand an end to civil forfeiture/ Cop unions/organizations which usurp the demands of the people/when illegally attacked by a cop, the right to fight back w/o risk of criminal prosecution. A MANDATORY national list to block cops from resigning to avoid
    prosecution and slithering to another jurisdiction for hire.

    I am NOT anti cop, I am anti BAD cop.

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