Officer Indicted for Manslaughter – Bodycam Video Just Released

Greensboro (NC) Police Officer Matthew Hamilton was indicted for manslaughter last week for the shooting of Joseph Lopez back in November of 2021. He was also fired and sued. The bodycam footage was just released. Let’s take a look and discuss the relevant law.

For some reason this is age restriction, even though you basically see nothing….

Here’s the federal Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit, currently pending:

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  1. Here’s a perfect example of the consequences of allowing a powerful entity to judge itself, (Mr. Bryan, you can apply this to the actions of the FBI in your case where they betrayed, not only you but their fellow countrymen);

    (I’m not a National Socialist. Truth is truth whether it’s wrapped in white or black)
    As far as the nation in Africa is concerned which supposedly lost its freedom too, this is evidently yet another case of mistaken identity. Not one nation in Africa has lost its freedom. Rather nearly all former inhabitants of this continent have been subjected by brute force to the sovereignty of other peoples. This is how they lost their freedom. The people of Morocco, the Berbers, the Arabs, the Negroes, and so on, all of them became the victims of foreign powers, whose swords assuredly did not bear the inscription “Made in Germany,” but instead “Made by Democracies.”

    In a telegram to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on April 28, 1939. Quoted in Domarus

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