“Creepy Search Cops” Ask Federal Court to Restrict My YouTube Channel

I know that many people are following my progress in the Creepy Cops Search Case out of Putnam County, West Virginia, where drug task force police officers were caught on camera illegally searching my client’s house. That apparently includes those officers and their lawyers in the pending federal civil rights lawsuit. This is the most recent update about the case:

On Friday, the defendant officers’ lawyers filed a motion completely centered on my Youtube channel, requesting an order prohibiting me from ever publishing video deposition testimony of those police officers. Basically they’re requesting court approval for a coverup. Now, important First Amendment issues are implicated. Police already have qualified immunity. The one remedy given to us by Congress it to sue them. Now they want to turn that process into something akin to Family Court or abuse and neglect proceedings, where government gets to operate in secrecy and without accountability and exposure. Here’s the motion they filed:

Here are their attached exhibits:

The video depositions in the Creepy Cops Search Case haven’t even been taken yet. They’re actually scheduled to be taken in a few days. I already agreed to postpone them several times already at their request, because they were concerned that the FBI was investigating them. So I gave them time to evaluate their situation and hire or consult criminal defense attorneys before they testified. Now, they want to testify essentially in secret. Why? Because posting their video testimony allegedly puts them in danger. They went through the prior videos I published on this situation and cherry picked the craziest ones they could find, and presented them to the Court as the basis for why I should be forever silenced from exposing their misconduct. 

At the end of every video I tell you that freedom is scary. Why? Why is it scary? Fear is the tool that tyrants use to subject us and take away our freedoms. Over and over again. From the beginning of recorded history to the present. Of course police officers in America, if given the choice, would choose to operate in secrecy. They don’t want to be recorded. They don’t want to give you their names – they just want yours. 

4 thoughts on ““Creepy Search Cops” Ask Federal Court to Restrict My YouTube Channel

  1. Keep a fire lit under their corrupt asses, apparently the heat is getting to them if they’re try to stifle your YouTube. Worthless basturds

  2. Didn’t these members of the Central Bank Clan’s, (CBC), ‘Tools” in D.C.’s private security force, (a.k.a. “law enFARCEment”) use their friends in the “judiciary” to help a cop get away with murder in a hotel inTucson? The video showing him make the kid CRAWL to him rather than approaching him once he was prone… then when the poor kid, (Never forget Kelly Thomas), moved to pull his trousers up the swine murdered him, and a judge suppresesed it? Am I correct in this or no? Further, if I’m not mistaken the swine had a situation like that on his record already?
    Law enFARCEment in this communist hole is nothing but legalized traitors and STILL there’s an abundance of chumps who defend their treasonous actions and whimper about how heroic they are because they do such a dangerous job… really? Okay “commies”, explain this;
    With the CBC owned “media” telling us what heroes they are because of their (whimper), dangerous jobs… Why don’t they legislate the death penalty as an automatic sentence for killing our TRULY important trash collectors and all other trades/jobs with higher mortality rates than the blue line band of traitors?
    Since, (I believe) Trump handed over control of our treasury to the private CBC – Since they’re hiring tens of thousands of IRS agents (a private collection agency for the private FED RES,[CBC]), and are now EXPANDING their police powers, we chumps have a much bigger domestic threat baring down on us now; (Bolshevik) communism stage three…( Recall the nearly 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo the CBC’s tools in CONgress bought a few years back? Any of you beginning to see a pattern here?

  3. Well, if you did not commit a crime you got caught, and are now shamed.To use the courts to stop this does not help your case.

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