My Client Films Officer Appearing to Overdose After Suspect Allegedly Throws Narcotics

It hit the news yesterday that several Oak Hill, West Virginia police officers had supposedly overdosed after narcotics were thrown at them by a suspect they were attempting to arrest. I was already looking into the science behind these claims when I found out that a client of mine actually witnessed what happened, and began filming with his cell phone.

“Sheriff’s Office: Two officers in Oak Hill overdose after suspect throws drugs at them” was the headline. Here’s the media report:

What were the chances that a client of mine just happened to be driving by when it happened? Compare the footage with the press release and let me know your thoughts on the matter. I have some initial thoughts, but want to look into it some more.

Here’s the statement issued by the sheriff’s department:

Here’s the footage:

11 thoughts on “My Client Films Officer Appearing to Overdose After Suspect Allegedly Throws Narcotics

  1. When will these slobs finally realize that it is perfectly legal for someone to video a public event such as this. The cop with all the tattoos that takes the person’s phone away from them and throws it should be fired.

  2. There are similar YouTube videos of law enforcement overdoses when handling evidence/packages/etc., of Fentanyl. It affects a person quickly by touching, inhaling, etc. It really happens. Hope this helps.

  3. Looks like a panic attack, anxiety or mental breakdown. And the wow that really is a disrespectful fascist minded cop who threw the phone and beat up the citizen who was recording. He needs to get serious counseling and retraining. Perhaps he should be fired for indiscriminately brutalizing a member of the public.

  4. Watching the video, I didn’t see any trace of a particulate “cloud” dispensing any substance capable of causing either of those thugs to have a (LOL) near death episode.
    However, Looking at the physical bodies of same thugs, I DO see (nearly all) of those thugs could use a few months in the gym and dietary guidance to prevent them having a coronary episode. Even the advancing thugs show life threatening episodes of obesity, lack of any exercise to keep their hearts in even basic good health. I recall training (101st airborne out of Ft. Campbell), where we were exposed to minutes of tear gas, (with an OBVIOUS cloud of same around our heads), in an ENCLOSED bldg before we were affected. Looks more as though some out-of-shape thugs were looking for some tax-payer disability payments or paid vacation. If a lawsuit comes about, I’d make certain to depose not only the “Butter Balls” but any/all medical staff who came near them and authenticated blood samples. Sorry, but this appears much more like a lard overdose rather than a drug overdose. There might be a “history” between the cops and their victim…. Oops, sorry, their “suspect”.
    I copy/pasted this to your “Eutube” channel for you to see if they’ve been excercising their right to censor with immunity.

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