Family Court Judge Search Case Now at the Fourth Circuit

Imagine you’re sitting in family court and the judge looks at you and says, what’s your address? I’ll meet you there in 10 minutes, and I’m going to search your house with your ex-wife and my bailiff – a police officer who will arrest you if you don’t let me in. March 4, 2020, that’s what happened to my client. Here’s an update on the current status.

We won on the issue of judicial immunity. Just before the jury trial was set to begin, the defendant judge appealed the case to the Fourth Circuit. Since this matter involves judicial immunity, it’s capable of being appealed prior to trial. Usually a defendant is required to wait until afterwards.

They just filed their brief a couple of days ago. Next it’s our turn to file a response brief, which is due mid-November.

Here’s the federal court opinion denying judicial immunity:

3 thoughts on “Family Court Judge Search Case Now at the Fourth Circuit

  1. I tip my hat to the civil rights lawyer for his diligence in zero tolerance for the frequent treading & crapping on the US CONSTITUTION by those who took an oath and swore to uphold, not, hijack, or, crap all over it.

    Your published updates are a treat to read and provides invaluable information & education in the process. At-A-boy.

    Keep up the pressure and heat on tyrant wannabees ✊

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