Pregnant Teacher Stopped and Arrested | Officer Disciplined

From the Fort Worth Report:

Vilmaris Montalvo was on a tight deadline July 30, 2021. A pregnant, Hispanic dual language teacher in Arlington, she took her lunch break to pick up her husband from a Fort Worth hospital following surgery.

After noticing a Fort Worth patrol car following her for several miles, Montalvo pulled over.

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Teacher Stopped and Arrested | Officer Disciplined

  1. The “Officer Reynoldses” of this country need to be shot like the rabid dogs they are. The people of this country are tired of the shit the way they are treated by arrogant assholes that wear a badge. The good cops better start policing the jerks with the bad attitudes or they’re all going to all have targets on their backs. Looks like another episode of Putnam Co. deputies doing some of the illegal shit they get away with.

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