Officer Friendly Eyes Part 2 | Throws Buddy Under Bus & Detains Innocent Driver

My last video showed the deputy I called “Officer Friendly Eyes” threatening a young guy who had been jumped by a bunch of local guys in a bar. His name is actually Tony Link. I knew that name sounded familiar to me. It was probably because he’s already been featured in one of my videos. Though he really only made a cameo appearance of sorts. Did you see the video where my client was shot through the closed front door of his home? 

Also, here’s some new footage I was provided showing him at a traffic stop. He pulls a guy over for an expired inspection sticker. It does appear to be expired. But the registration has been renewed apparently – just no sticker yet. Once he discovers this, Link does not send the driver on his way. The reasonable suspicion for the stop has been cleared up. There’s no additional reasonable suspicion, so Friendly Eyes does what cops like to do and just makes it up. 

Here’s the original door-shooting video:

Here’s Officer Friendly Eyes Part 1:

2 thoughts on “Officer Friendly Eyes Part 2 | Throws Buddy Under Bus & Detains Innocent Driver

  1. This is question for Mr. Bryan. Say you’re pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, speeding, expired tags, etc. If the cop asks if you have any weapons in your possession and are legally carrying a pistol on your person in WV, do you have to answer his or her question, or are they on a fishing expedition trying to find out anything else they can just to harrass you? Can you just refuse to answer their question?

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