Detained, Arrested and Beaten Over Cheeseburger Dispute

It’s happened yet again – this time in Ohio – where police arrive to a trespassing complaint at a business (this time at a McDonald’s) and instead of allowing the person to leave the business, they instead detain and forcibly ID the individual. Do police officers have the right to detain someone under these circumstances? More importantly, do they have NEED to do so?

From the Dayton Daily News:

An incident that led to an officer hitting a woman multiple times Monday began as a dispute over missing cheese on a Big Mac. Butler Twp. Sgt. Todd Stanley and Off. Tim Zellers responded at 4:20 p.m. to a call about a disorderly customer at the McDonald’s at 3411 York Commons Blvd., and on arrival, officers spoke to Latinka Hancock, according to a police report.

When the woman refused to provide her ID, the officers engaged in a brutal and violent use of force against her, which one customer inside the McDonald’s caught on video:

Following the release of the footage to the public, the officer has been placed on leave, pending internal investigation.

3 thoughts on “Detained, Arrested and Beaten Over Cheeseburger Dispute

    • Although most refuse to see it, what we’re witnessing here is a slow, very slow takeover of this Marxist hole by our masters. Their control over media is finally so complete they have kept what they did across the world a secret. Always able to stay hidden and/or appear as “victims”.
      Take a moment and ask who, (besides Soros et al), finances these dregs/miscreants… Giving them a forum from which they divide and (eventually) conquer what use to be a REASONABLY free country;

      Every nation they’ve infiltrated has been reduced to chaos, misery and death. Look at the first Marxist/Communist nation created by Jacob Schiff/Wall Street, (USSR). Ignored by the (s)elected tools in D.C. – Even DEFENDED and SAVED by FDR.

  1. Lol, 2 bears poking at each other. The woman couldn’t stop running her yap and the arrogant cop could have deesculated the situation by just letting her leave.

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