VIDEO: Cop’s Bad Spray | LAWSUIT Filed | Interview With His Attorney Chris Wiest

Can the police pepper spray a handcuffed man just because he’s running his mouth? Here’s some brand new exclusive footage from a federal civil rights lawsuit just filed by my friend, Kentucky civil rights attorney Chris Wiest. We had a great discussion about this footage, the lawsuit he just filed on behalf of this guy, as well as some general advice he has when potential clients are interacting with police officers.

Here’s the full lawsuit:

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cop’s Bad Spray | LAWSUIT Filed | Interview With His Attorney Chris Wiest

  1. It’s just absolute total disregard of all non-blueline life. I really enjoyed you having another civil rights lawyer on! Getting two views on an interaction is really insightful and could make some great context. Keep Up The Good Fights

  2. Hey there! I’m curious if you have compiled a list of good civil rights attorneys in Oregon that you could suggest? I’m going to be filing suit soon and need to talk with one about my case so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Anyone who thinks they can represent themselves and avoid having an attorney working on their behalf should review this and similar documents. It is not easy to comply with rules of a court, and even though I think I am a smart cookie I should be smart enough to hire a professional. But one should also check the record of an attorney to get the best available.

    • Sometimes people represent themselves in pro se as plaintiff without hope of the outcome in order to harass someone that caused them pain to bring it to social media’s attention “lawsuit filed”. Lawyers request $10k retainers they keep no matter what.

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