VIDEO: Tased & Arrested After Walmart Call | His Lawyer Explains

Check out this brand new footage from Cabot, Arkansas – yet another Walmart video – submitted to me by this man’s lawyer. Walmart calls the cops and reports a non-crime. Usually they do this without ever asking the individual to leave; they just call the cops. Then the cops show up and likewise don’t ask the person to leave, but instead, they demand an ID in the absence of any legitimate suspicion of criminal behavior. 

So no crime has been committed, but the person gets detained. As I’ve explained numerous times, what is required for police to detain someone against their will? Is it enough that a Walmart employee doesn’t like the way you look, or something about you? No. Police must have reasonable suspicion to detain you. When you are forced to stop and talk to them and provide ID, that’s a detainment. Reasonable suspicion is required.

Here’s the civil lawsuit, just filed:

Here’s the police report:

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  1. All these videos need to be sent to the ledgeslature as evidence of why qualified emunity should be abolished and police made accountable for their actions and lack of

  2. These sinner cops are clearly violating laws and and KJV Scriptures using abuse of power over Americans to do much evil through clear terror snd brutality of innocent citizens. Without repentance and serious self evaluation thru His Scriptures, God Almighty will be putting them away and forgetting them forever in eternal hell.

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