Sargent v. Bish – Officer Depositions – Part 1

Melvin’s wife filmed his arrest. A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed. Here’s part 1 of the video deposition of the primary defendant police officer.

Officer depositions – Part 1:

Here’s the original video:

Here’s the federal section 1983 lawsuit:

4 thoughts on “Sargent v. Bish – Officer Depositions – Part 1

  1. Do you remember what you had for breakfast? No i think I do but I do not remember for sure even though you have it on film.

  2. Hello Mr. Bryan. In prior comments, I voiced the opinion that this country is under attack by Central Bank Clan, (CBC) “toady’s” placed in government. To codify this belief, I’ve included a link to one of several warnings from a former KGB agent from the CBC’s, (Jacob Schiff/Wall Street banker and Kuhn/Loeb bank financed destruction of Russia resulting in the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic). Very revealing and troubling when you apply his words to what we’re seeing now. I’m going to “copy paste” this comment to your “Eutube” channel. I ask that you check to see if same has been “shadow banning” your channel. Then, ask yourself why our(?) government allows these CBC affiliated websites immunity to assault our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  3. I want to find this lawyer. I have a case against the same officer. If you can see my email address, please email me back.

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